by Yabsta 15th December 2017

Articles are a great way to provide Yabsta users with useful and engaging information.


  1. Within Yabsta, click your profile tab at the top right and select Admin Panel. From the top navigation, click Content Management. From the left navigation, click Yabsta Content and select Add Article from the dropdown menu.

  2. Choose the category that best suits your article. Add a short, concise title that describes your article.  

  3. Add the keywords that you will place throughout your short description and article content as well as any additional related keywords. Select each keyword from the dropdown suggestions to insert it into the field before typing the next keyword.

  4. Select the "Is Featured" only if you are adding this article as part of a Sponsored Content campaign. This adds a “Sponsored” tag to the top of the article.

  5. For your article to only appear in the Essentials section of Yabsta, select "Is Visitor Guide Article". The article will then only be available to view when added to the Essentials content.

  6. Add a short, keyword-rich description that gives a preview of what is included in the article.

  7. Add your article content and use the TinyMCE to properly format it. Insert a lead image that has a minimum width of 1540 px and maximum height of 1540 px  followed by the article text.

  8. If you’d like to publish your article on a different date and/or at a specific time, change it.

  9. Choose the Yabsta section you’d like your article to appear in. For example, if your article is for the Essentials section, select "Show In - Essentials”.

  10. If you would like the Article Author's name to be different than the Yabsta User name you can input this. This should always be the name of the person who actually wrote the article.

  11. Upload a Main Image. This is the thumbnail image displayed in article widgets throughout Yabsta and should be the same as the lead image you added in your article content. The image size required in pixels is 750w x 520h.

  12. Click Save to send your article to moderation. Following approval, you will receive confirmation in your Yabsta Messages. 
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Friday, 15th December 2017, 05:54pm.
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