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by Yabsta 4th January 2018

Yabsta is setup to allow jurisdictions to include a seperate section focused on restaurants, this allows the user to filter searches by restaurant specific listings and content.

  1. To set your business as a restaurant, in the Dynamic Content section of your listing, click on the Dining Guide box.

  2. Choose the cuisine type, dining style and price range that best represents your business, this allows users to filter the searches by the selected terms. Please note that you can select more than one cuisine type and dining style by holding down alt + control for PC or option + command for MAC while clicking on your selections.

  3. You are given two different options to create a menu and both can display on one ePage.

  4. Upload a menu as a JPG, PNG or GIF image file. Each file upload must contain only one menu page. Upload the files in the correct page order. The best sizes for these files are... (info to follow)

  5. An accordion menu is created by clicking + Add another category item, which opens the first category field. Enter the meal type, such as Lunch. You can also enter dish names, their prices and descriptions. Click + Add another menu item to add additional dishes. Click + Add another category item to start new categories for meal types. A CSV file can also be uploaded to automatically create an accordion menu.

View an example of a restauant epage with menu.

Posted by Yabsta
Thursday, 4th January 2018, 04:53pm.
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