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by Yabsta 5th January 2018
  1. Go to the My Business area of your Yabsta account and select your business. Your information will appear on the right. Select the Banner Ads tab and click New Banner Ad.

  2. Choose the Banner Type.

    Tower banner ads appear on the right side of each Yabsta section. These advertisements link to your business website or eSite. When a Yabsta visitor refreshes the page, these banner ads rotate in succession with the banner ads of other companies.

    Tower Banner Ad Sizes (Pixels)
    150w x 225h
    150w x 450h
    150w x 675h
    120w x 90h
    120w x 240h
    120w x 600h
    160w x 600h

    Contextual banner ads appear at the top of Yabsta’s search results pages. These banner ads require keywords in order for Yabsta to retrieve and display them. They are shown according to their keywords’ relevance to user search terms.

    Contextual Banner Ad Sizes (Pixels)
    515w x 100h
    200w x100h
    728w x 90h

    Mobile banner ads appear only when Yabsta is viewed on a mobile device, such as a tablet or mobile phone. These ads are shown at the bottom of the page and also require keywords associated with user searches in order for Yabsta to retrieve and display them.

    Mobile Banner Ad Sizes (Pixels)
    320w x 50h
    300w x 250h

    Widget banner ads appear on Yabsta’s homepage. Like Yabsta’s other banner products, they link to your business website, ePage or listing.

    Widget Banner Ad Sizes
    336w x 280h
    300w x 250h

  3. Under General Settings, add a concise name for your banner ad that explains what it is. If you have more than one banner ad, name each differently. The Business selection will automatically default to your business.

  4. Under Banner View, choose the banner size you will be uploading. The exact same dimensions between the dropdown selection and ad upload are required.

  5. Select your banner format. If you do not have a banner ad to upload, select Text Only to create a text only banner ad.

    If you do have a banner ad to upload, select Graphic. Click Select Files to upload your banner ad from your computer. The banner ad will appear when it has finished uploading. 

  6. Set your banner ad to link to your business website by entering the URL in the designated field, or to one of your Yabsta products via the dropdown menus.

  7. For contextual and mobile banner ads, enter relevant keywords. These are the keywords for which you would like your banner ad to appear when a user is searching in Yabsta. Click Return to separate each keyword term before entering the next one.

  8. Manage the visibility of your banner ad by selecting the sections of Yabsta where you would like it to be visible when published.

  9. Select a package. Banner ad packages dictate the number of impressions your banner ad will receive before expiring as well as the maximum number of keywords permitted. 

  10. Click Save. Following moderation, the status of your banner ad will appear as Approved within your account area. Pay for your banner ad. Once your payment has been verified, the status of your banner ad will appear as Active.
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Friday, 5th January 2018, 12:24pm.
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