The Importance of Keywords

by Yabsta 10th January 2018

Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. The correct keywords drive potential customers to your Yabsta features, such as a business listing, banner ad or Bizcast. When Yabsta users search for products, services, content and more the keywords you choose determine if, and how, you are found. Like Google, Yabsta relies on keywords to give the user search results that are either exact matches of the search term to the keyword or related to the keyword added to an item, such as a business listing.


Thoughtful keywords are essential to getting your business to appear in Yabsta’s top search results. Yabsta handles Keywords in a few different ways depending on the Feature.


Listings use both Primary and Secondary Keywords.


Primary keywords are a form of categorization and a single business can have multiple Primary Keywords.  A Business can have a separate business listing and ePage for each relevant primary keyword. Examples of primary keywords include: hotels, banks, cleaners or Internet Provider.


Secondary keywords are unique to your business, such as the services and brands you offer that set you apart from the competition. For example, a seafood restaurant could use the following secondary keywords: lobster, casual, dining, patio, al fresco. A cleaning company could use the following secondary keywords: commercial, residential, green, eco-friendly. It is also important to include location-specific keywords, such as the city the restaurant or cleaning company is located in.


Yabsta content features such as Events, Classified Ads and Videos include the option for multiple keywords. For example, a catering company posting a video to Yabsta might include the following list of keywords: catering, caterers, video, commercial, italian, food, dinner, lunch, appetizers, delivery as well as their location.


For Administrative users, Articles have the option to add multiple keywords, but content features such as POIs, Collections and Content Pages do not include input for keywords. Here, keywords should be placed strategically throughout the text in order to ensure that the content is found via Yabsta’s search algorithm.

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