by Yabsta 15th January 2018

Collections are a great way to list related listings, events, videos and Points of Interest in the popular listicle form of editorial content.


  1. Within Yabsta, click your profile tab at the top right and select Admin Panel. From the top navigation, click Content Management. From the left navigation, click Yabsta Content and select Add Guide Collection from the dropdown menu.

  2. Add a short, concise title that describes your collection.

  3. Add a strong keyword-rich description. This is the main text of your collection and should explain the context of why these items have been brought together. The detail you add gives the reader an understanding of the collection and also improves being found in Yabsta’s search results.

  4. Choose the category that best suits your collection.

  5. Upload a landing photo that best represents your collection. The required image size in pixels is 750w x 520h.

  6. Select the Yabsta content (Listings, POI, Events, Video) to include in your collection.

  7. Click Save to send your collection to moderation. Following approval, you will receive confirmation in your Yabsta Messages.
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Monday, 15th January 2018, 04:39pm.
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