Peoples Choice Awards

by Yabsta 24th January 2018

The People’s Choice Awards allow you to set-up an automated public voting system that lists BusinessesPOIs and other items within Yabsta’s database as well as artists, people and other items. Users can then vote on their favourite for a specific category.


  1. Within Yabsta, click your profile tab at the top right and select Admin Panel. From the top navigation, click Content Management. From the left navigation, click People’s Choice Awards.

  2. Click Add Voting Period and enter a short, concise and descriptive name. Select your start date and time as well as your end date and time. Click Save. A voting period allows you to select the timeframe/s wherein users can vote on your categories. You can set-up one end of year period where users vote on all categories in one period. You can also set-up monthly voting periods where users vote on a small amount of categories each month. 

  3. In the sidebar, Click Add Category/Business. Select your voting period from the dropdown.

  4. Click Add to add new categories to your list. Upload an image that represents your category. This image size required in pixels is a minimum of 1540 wide.

  5. Once a voting period has ended and a winner has been chosen, you have the option here to add a Winner Video, if desired. This is displayed with the category in the Past Winners section of the People’s Choice Awards.

  6. Select all of the items you wish to list within the category, such as businesses, POIs or artists. For each item, choose a name that represents it, for example the specific business name, and include a link to an internal listing/POI or external website, for example the artist’s website.

  7. In the sidebar, Click Add Prize/Photo/Logo. Select your voting period and click OK. Enter the prize information for your voting period. The prize headline should include a description of the prize and the name of business supplying it, if applicable. Upload a prize winner photo. This image size required in pixels is a minimum of 1540 wide. Upload a prize provider logo. The logo size required in pixels is 360w x 254h.

  8. At the end of a voting period, and at any time, the list of winners and voting records can be viewed by clicking on List Award Winners and/or List Prize Winners.
Posted by Yabsta
Wednesday, 24th January 2018, 03:38pm.
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