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Yabsta’s Moderation process allows you to control and protect your submitted content types. In the left navigation of the Moderation section, you can select to view all content types at once or each on their own. Bulk vs. individual moderation can depend upon how many different types of content you have turned on in Yabsta.


  1. Within Yabsta, click your profile tab at the top right and select Admin Panel. In the top navigation, click Moderation. In the left navigation, choose to view all content types or select a specific content type to moderate.

  2. To preview an item submitted for moderation, click the magnifying glass icon. The content will open in a new tab for review.

  3. To approve a single submission, select the Approve box and click OK. To disapprove a single submission, click the Disapprove box. Enter a reason for disapproval and click the Disapprove button. This reason is then sent to the submitter’s Yabsta Messages.

  4. To approve a group of submissions, click the box next to ID on the right to select all of the submissions under a content type. Click Approve Selected.

  5. Listings include the moderation of the primary keyword.  If a user has chosen a primary keywordthat is not set-up in the system, this keyword can be approved, or changed to a relevant keyword already within the system.

  6. Once approved, content that does not require payment appears live on Yabsta. For other content, the payment process must first be completed.
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Thursday, 1st February 2018, 02:11pm.
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