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by Yabsta 13th February 2018

Productivity reports give Administrators access to a number of analytic tools and reports for Yabsta features and site usage.


  1. To view Productivity Reports in Yabsta, click the profile tab at the top right of the homepage and select Admin Panel. From the top navigation, click Productivity.

  2. In the left navigation, click Reports. Select the metrics or report that you would like to view as listed below.



Listing, Classified & Banner Ad Metrics


These advertiser reports includes analytics for several elements of each feature, giving valuable insight into usage and user interaction. They are similar to what an advertiser sees on their My Account page.


  1. Click Listing Metrics, Classified Metrics or Banner Ad Metrics from the left dropdown menu. Enter information, such as a listing title, into any of the fields to search for your selected report.

  2. Choose a listing, classified ad or banner ad from the dropdown menu located near the bottom of the page. Click Select.

  3. Click Generate to compile and display the metrics results for the listing, classified ad or banner ad on a different page.

    • Advertising metrics can be adjusted by changing the date range, choosing the statistics type and clicking update.

    • These metrics show each advertisement’s impressions and clicks for their keywords, links and advertising content.

    • These metrics can be printed or downloaded as a .PDF using the buttons on the right.


Search Reports


Search reports allow Administrators to view all search terms used throughout the site, the number of times each is used, if a search term did not match a Yabsta term and the section the searches took place in.


  1. Click Search Reports in the left dropdown menu.

  2. Select a Yabsta Content Section from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select a time period for the search report and click Update. Click Save as CSV to download and save a CSV file containing the report to your computer.

    • The report will show all of the top keywords/terms searched during the date range selected.

    • The Searches column provides the number of times the exact same keyword/term was searched.
    • Searches that do not match a search term entered in Yabsta as a Tag will display the word Yes in the No Results column. This shows that the search did not have relevant Tag in Yabsta. Together with the Search Term column, these give an idea of which Tags should be added to Yabsta.



Category Reports


Category reports allow Administrators to view usage reports by category within a content type.


  1. Click Category Reports in the left dropdown menu.

  2. Choose a content type from the Select Section dropdown menu.

  3. In the Select Category field, enter a category that is relevant to the content type. Click to select the category.

  4. Enter a date range and click Update.

  5. Click Save as CSV to download and save a CSV file containing the report to your computer.


User Site Usage


User site usage allows Administrators to view specific site usage metrics by Yabsta user. This metric lists all of the Yabsta page URLs that the user has visited.


  1. Click User Site Usage in the left dropdown menu.

  2. Enter the user’s username or email. Choose the correct user from the dropdown menu and click Select.

  3. Enter a date range.

  4. Click Update to create the user site usage report.



Site Usage


Site usage gives Administrators a full breakdown of site usage for a specified time period. This includes pageviews, advertising statistics and a wealth of visitor information.


  1. Click Site Usage in the left dropdown menu.

  2. Enter a date range.

  3. Click Update to create the site usage report.



Business Metrics


Business metrics allow Administrators to view the analytics for a specific business. This is the same tool that business owners see on their My Account page. It gives a report on all of the activity of a business, including all listings and advertising features.


  1. Click Business Metrics in the left dropdown menu.

  2. Enter a business title, business owner or salesperson to search for your selected report.

  3. Choose the business from the dropdown menu located underneath. Click Select.

  4. Click View to create the business metrics report. This report shows the metrics for all of the products owned by the business. If desired, change the date range and click Update to view metrics for a different time period.




Agent Commissions, Commission Per Location, Location Sales, Online Store Sales and Website Metrics are add-on reports that work with add-on products. Please contact Yabsta to find out more.



Sales Status


Sales status is a tool that allows sales staff to quickly view listings based on their sales status. This includes if the account is paid/not paid, approved/not approved and active/not active.


  1. Click Sales Status in the left navigation.

  2. Select different statuses in the dropdown menu to view listings that are currently at that stage of processing.


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