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by Yabsta 13th February 2018

Yabsta includes two options for using banner ads as a revenue generation tool for your site: Yabsta’s internal Display Network and connecting to an external provider such as AdSense or DoubleClick. These can be used simultaneously with the option to choose which gets preference fin display position located in external ads settings.





Internal Banner Ads are added directly to the platform and controlled using Yabsta internal Display Network tools.



Banner Ad Types


Multiple banner ad types can be used throughout Yabsta. Sizes reflect industry standards. Banner ads cycle through being displayed on each page load based on the number of ads within the group.


  • Tower banner ads appear on the right side of each Yabsta page and can be set to display in all or only specific sections of the site if desired by the advertiser.

  • Contextual banner ads appear at the top of Yabsta’s search results pages and are keyword (--> link to The Importance of Keywords article) driven.

  • Mobile banner ads appear only when Yabsta is viewed on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.

  • Widget banner ads appear on Yabsta’s home and section landing pages within the widget area of content strips.



Add Packages


To get started with hosting your own banner ads you need to set-up packages. Banner Ads Packages allow you to customise package names, impressions, prices and discounts for different banner ad sizes and types. Package selection details, including price, appear at the bottom of the general user’s Add Banner Ads page.


  1. Within Yabsta, click your profile tab at the top right and select Admin Panel. Click Configuration in the top navigation. Click Banner Ads Packages in the left navigation. Select Add Banner Ads from the dropdown menu, or List Banner Ads to view previously created packages.

  2. Enter the package details. These details are what general Yabsta users see.

  3. Choose a banner type.
  4. Select the size of the banner type that you are configuring for the package. If desired, create more than one selection.

  5. To add additional selections within your package, click Add to the left of the package configuration. You can add more than one selection for each banner size in price, number of keywords and impressions.

  6. Click Save.



Banner Type Descriptions


Banner type descriptions can include both text and images. These appear for general users and Administrators when adding banner ads.


  1. Within Yabsta, click your profile tab at the top right and select Admin Panel. Click Content Management in the top navigation. Click Banner Ads in the left navigation and select the banner type description you would like to edit.

  2. Edit your title, add your description and upload an image that is a maximum size of 200h x160w pixels.



Manage Banner Ads


Administrators can add and edit banner ads as well as view all details and delete any required from the Admin area.


  1. Within Yabsta, click your profile tab at the top right and select Admin Panel. Select Content Management in the top navigation. Click Banner Ads in the left navigation and select List Banner Ads or Add Banner Ads from the dropdown menu.

  2. Listing Banner Ads shows you all of the banner ads in Yabsta, which you can display by title search and a number of other options. Here you can view each banner ad by package, owner, clicks, click-through rate (CRT), and also edit.

  3. To Edit, click the pencil icon. Make the necessary changes using the same form found in the Add Banner function of the My Account area.

  4. Click Save.






External Display Networks like DoubleClick and AdSense can be used to populate the majority of Yabsta’s advertising types, other than widget placement.


Manage External Banner Ads


  1. Within Yabsta, click your profile tab at the top right and select Admin Panel. Select Content Management in the top navigation menu. Click Banner Ads in the left navigation and select External Ads from the dropdown menu.

  2. Your list of external ads is displayed here. Sort or edit using the options available in the table.

  3. To add an external source, click on “+ Add” at the top of the list.

  4. In the modal window, select your Display Network provider from the list of banner types.

  5. Choose the section of Yabsta you would like your banner ads to appear in.

  6. “Area” lets you choose the placement of the banner ads on the page.
    • Leader Board displays the ad above search results
    • Search Right Block displays the ads in the sidebar to the right of search results
    • Top Tower and Bottom Tower displays the ads in the right conent sidebar on all Yabsta pages

  7. “Position” allows you to set the priority for the external ads to display above or below Yabsta’s own internal ads.

  8. Use the on/off button to set your ads to display live on the site.

  9. Paste your Display Networks tag or publisher code in the text field provided.

  10. Save to add to your external ads list.
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Tuesday, 13th February 2018, 03:28pm.
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