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by Yabsta 14th February 2018

The location configuration section is the main control center for your Yabsta site.  Available to select Administrators, they have access to control everything from what appears in their navigation bar to what content types to include, whether or not to allow business reviews, adding APIs and more. Here, you’ll get to know the settings.


  1. Within Yabsta, click your profile tab at the top right and select Admin Panel. Select Yabsta Locations from the left navigation and click List Locations in the dropdown menu.

  2. Find your site and click the pencil icon to access and edit your configuration section. Here is where you edit the settings that control how your Yabsta site displays and functions.



Choose the main name for your site. Select Draft to keep the site from being live.




Input the domain for your website. If you are using a domain through a third party, point your domain to Yabsta.


To add a subdomain click add under Additional Domain.


*Mobile domains are no longer supported.



Master Navigation Items

Upload a GIF or PNG logo for your site. The minimum required image size is 290w x 80h px.

* Logo with tagline and Mobile Logo are no longer supported.


Upload a GIF favicon. This appears as a small logo in browser windows and bookmarks. The accepted favicon size is 16w x 16h px.


* Image Type and Custom Header Graphic are no longer supported.


Mobile Landing Images


* no longer supported.





From the dropdown, select which sections to add to your main navigation (up to 7). Use the arrows to change the order of display and the x to delete. If desired, change the section names.



Manage Content Types


Select Yabsta content types to be active on your site. This makes relevant management functions, content pages and menu items live throughout the site as required.



Social Button Settings

Select which social buttons business users will be able to include in their eSites. Add the name and start of the URL (what is included before the user adds their account name) for the user hint. Click Add to include more.



Geographic Location Settings

Set your site’s map throughout the site to display by default at a specific location, unless a location is tied to it. To do this, retrieve and enter the corresponding latitude and longitude using Google Maps.

Paste your Google Maps code to connect Yabsta to your Google Maps account.


Format Settings


Select the standard formatting settings to be used throughout your Yabsta site. These include time zone, phone country code, currency and address format.

In the “Office address (for reports)” field enter your company’s physical address. It will then be added to all company reports and invoices created in Yabsta for printing and downloading.


Add billing contact information for Yabsta reports and invoices.

Content Settings

Set custom colours for how priority listings are displayed in search results.


Set the listing types to include for users when adding listings. Choose the display colour and select enable rating to allow general users to leave reviews and ratings of the business. Arrange their order by using the arrows and delete by clicking the x. Click add to add new options.



Default Number of Search Results Per Page


Select a default number of search results to display per page for each Yabsta content type.



Search Hints


These display in the input boxes of each Yabsta section search bar. For example, the Search Hint for the Local Search section of Yabsta could be “Search Businesses, Brands, Services.”



Ways of Approval for Content Types That Have to be Approved


Set whether Yabsta content such as articles, events, classifieds and listings must be approved through moderation via the the dropdown menus.



Restaurant-Specific Settings


Select which options you allow Businesses to choose from for cuisine types and dining styles for setting their listing to display in the Restaurants section. Arrange their order by using the arrows and delete by clicking the x. Click Add to add new options.


Select the price range currency symbol to be displayed.



Number of Days a User Can Make One Vote For a Listing

Control the rate delay for users adding ratings/reviews to a specific business eSite.  This helps to control review spam by limiting ho often users can review based on IP address.



Payment Methods

Select the payment methods eSites can display as those they accept. Arrange their order by using the arrows and delete by clicking the x. Click Add to add new options.



Footer Links

Add and remove content pages you have created to display in your site’s footer. Yabsta comes with preconfigured pages which you edit through their content page.


Add the title and URL of the page. Select the target for how link clicks are handled (blank: open in new window, self: open in same window). Select which footer heading the link will appear under (About or Site Directory).


Arrange their order by using the arrows and delete by clicking the x. Click Add to add new options.




APIs & Other Forms


Connect a number of third party tools for usage throughout your site. To arrange API access for additional tools, please contact us.


Usage Statistics


Add an analytics tracking code, such as for Google Analytics. This allows you to use third party tools for website analytics. Input the tracking code supplied by your provider.





Display local airport arrival and departure information in thhe Yabsta Flight Information widget.


Input your local airport code and the airport name to display.



FB Login Application Data


Input your Facebook login application code to allow users to register and login via Facebook.





Input your API key, region and location to automatically import local Classifieds listings from Oodle’s expansive database.





Input your affiliate and postcode information to automatically import local event listings from WhereCanWeGo’s expansive U.K. database.





Add the email address to receive Yabsta listing correction submissions.



Company Profile in Social Networks


Add your company’s Google+ company page address. The Google+ icon in Yabsta will now link to this account.





Add a TXT file that contains information regarding the different people who have contributed to building your Yabsta site. This information is stored in the site root.



Kml Geositemap


Add a geositemap to help search engines retrieve relevant information about your business. This boosts your site’s rankings in local search.



Search Quality Monitoring


* not currently supported.





Set your Bizcasts to allow your business clients to broadcast their posts through your own business social media feeds. This helps bizcast posts reach a larger potential market. Add your Facebook and Twitter application information.



API Keys


* YouTube connect not currently supported.


Input your Recaptcha code and secret information to protect your site from spam on user input forms.


Input your information for payment processing.





Input your Agendize account information for Click-to-Call features within business listings.





Input your Paypal information for payment processing.

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