Listing Packages

by Yabsta 14th February 2018

Create packages for users to choose from when adding business listings and eSites to your Yabsta site. These packages provide users with price options for combined listing and eSite features. The pricing calculator sets the price that appears in Yabsta users’ shopping carts upon checkout.


Yabsta currently permits 3 package options (Free, Pro and Ultimate) which can be edited by Administrators to suit their revenue generation requirements. To include more package options, please contact Yabsta.


  1. Within Yabsta, click your profile tab at the top right and select Admin Panel. Click Listing Packages in the left navigation and Click List Packages.

  2. Select the package you would like to edit and click the pencil icon.

  3. Edit the package name if desired. Descriptions are currently unsupported in the layout of packages in the user area.

  4. Set the number of each listing and eSite feature you will offer in the package.

  5. Set your prices based on the type of sale (regular = general user, sales = through sales staff) and for priority listings.

  6. Set any discounts you would to include for different billing periods, for both regular and sales orders.

  7. Choose to turn on or off the display of prices for both Regular and Sales.  This allows general users to be displayed the regular price and Sales users to be displayed the sales price when creating listings on behalf of clients.

  8. Click Save to store the listing package in Yabsta.
Posted by Yabsta
Wednesday, 14th February 2018, 10:56pm.
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