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by Yabsta 15th February 2018

The Orders & Pricing area of Yabsta is where Administrators process and approve orders and payments for business listings, eSites and other digital products.


A payment gateway is required to manage credit card payment orders. Please contact Yabsta to set this up. Once a payment gateway has been created, Yabsta orders can be managed within it.


  1. Within Yabsta, click your profile tab at the top right and select Admin Panel. From the top navigation, click Orders and Pricing.

  2. Enter your order name or number and click Search. Alternatively, select a letter or page number to find your order. You can also review the list of orders below the search bars.

  3. On the main List Orders screen, order columns can be sorted by clicking on their names at the top.

  4. To manage a single order, click the pencil icon in the Manage column.

  5. All of your order information iwill be displayed. Use the dropdown list to select a different Administrator as manager of the account if desired.

  6. Order Status allows an Administrator to set the status of the order dependent on the Order Type. This status is then displayed for the Admininistrator and the client to see when viewing their list of orders. Statuses include:

    • New: The order is new and has not been processed.

    • Received: The order has been received and is awaiting payment.

    • Approved: The order has been approved.

    • Failed: The order has failed in some stage of processing.

    • Held for Review: The order is being held for Administrators or sales to review.

    • Declined: The orders payment has been declined.

    • Refund Requested: This Status is available after an order has been processed to be used if a refund is requested.

  7. After the order status is set and saved a note of it is sent to the client’s account.

  8. Select the Payment Type the advertiser used to pay for their order: cash or credit card. For orders created by an Administrator, select internal.

  9. Review all order settings and click Save.

  10. To manage multiple orders, check the box to the left of Id to select all orders. Only do this if you are certain that all of the orders selected will go through the same process.

  11. To delete an order, click the x icon.


Price Moderation


Price moderation is not currently available within the Yabsta platform.

Payments  Management


Payment management is a secondary service available upon request. This feature can be used to bill for external services that are separate from the Yabsta platform, but still part of an Administrator’s offered services. Payments management allows Administrators to set-up a list of services and create an online payment link to send as a bill. The bill can take one time and recurring payments through Yabsta’s internal payment processing system and payment gateway. Please contact Yabsta to find out more about payments management.

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Thursday, 15th February 2018, 09:26pm.
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