by Yabsta 10th, January 2018, 01:36pm
  1. From the Quicklinks in User Account, click Add Classified.

  2. Select the appropriate category for your classified ad. If applicable, select an expire date, which is the date until which you want your ad visible on Yabsta.

  3. Add a short, concise title that explains what your ad is all about. An example is “Used Toshiba Motorbike in Great Condition, 3 Yrs Old.”

  4. Add a short description providing more detail on the item or service you are offering or seeking. Include relevant keywords here and in the keywords field.

  5. If applicable, add an address. An address is useful for individuals who are selling items that must be picked up at a certain location, and for individuals who are requesting services be undertaken at their home or business. Plot this address on the map to conect it to the mapping system.

  6. Add images to your classified ad. For best quality, the image size in pixels should be a minimum resolution of 72ppi: 1540w x 1100h. Images increase engagement with your ad. Ads with images are more likely to be successful.

  7. If applicable, include a video. Upload a video file from your computer, select a previously uploaded video from the My Videos section of your account or link to an external video (Youtube or Vimeo links are accepted). Add a short, concise title, keyword-rich description providing more information, and relevant keywords. Video is another great way to engage users who view your classified ad.

  8. Add your contact information.

  9. Click Finish to send your classified ad to moderation. Following approval, you will receive confirmation in your Yabsta Messages.

View an example of a Classified

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