by Yabsta 10th, January 2018, 01:46pm
  1. From the Quicklinks in User Account, click Add Event.

  2. Add a short, concise title that explains what your event is all about. An example is “Humane Society Dinner & Dance Fundraiser.” Select the appropriate category.

  3. Add a short description providing more detail on your event, such as the date, time, location and purpose. Include relevant keywords here and in the keywords field.

  4. Select a start date and time and end date and time of your event. If your event is recurring, set the event to repeat until a specified date.

  5. Add the location details for your event. Plot the address on the map to provide a visual representation of the location.

  6. Upload photos. The photo size required in pixels is 1540w x 812h. Photos are a great way to boost engagement with your event, add visual interest and demonstrate what the event is about.  

  7. Upload an event flyer. The flyer size required in pixels is 750w x 970h. The event flyer should provide key details also listed in the description, such as the event title, date, time and location.

  8. If applicable, include a video. Upload a video file from your computer, select a video from the My Videos section of your account or link to an external video. Add a short, concise title, keyword-rich description providing more information, and relevant keywords. Video is another great way to engage users who view your Event.

  9. Add your contact information.

  10. Click Publish to send your event to moderation. Following approval, you will receive confirmation in your Yabsta Messages.

View an example of an Event.

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